Vintage Airplane Wooden Growth Chart

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Swooping and swirling up the chart, the vintage airplanes are a fun addition for your son's bedroom.


The wooden growth chart begins as unfinished pieces, each laser cut here in Missouri. The background of the chart is then painted a medium slate gray and given navy blue hash marks for every half an inch.

Next, the airplanes themselves are given their overall colors of navy, tomato red, and light blue. I then add in their wing colors and accents in white, light blue, dark gray, and dark yellow.

The puffy clouds are a white and pale gray gingham, outlined in dark gray, and then the edges stitched with navy blue.

Lastly, I paint the stitched flight paths for each airplane in white.

Personalization is free. Chart markings can be done in centimeters for a small additional fee.

My vintage airplane growth chart has flown across the United States and even into Canada and overseas to the United Kingdom.

To order your own custom handpainted growth chart, see the vintage airplane style in my Etsy shop or contact me for a new style to coordinate with your child's bedroom decor.

Other growth chart designs are on my website and in my Etsy shop.

*Note that the airplanes are also available as quilt clips, wooden wall letters, name signs, curtain holdbacks, wall plaques, peg racks, and more.

2013 Martha Stewart American Made Nominee

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yes, it's true!

Here is my official badge:

Martha Stewart - American Made 2013 - Nominee Badge

More details forthcoming - I will need your vote, please, so stay tuned!

Cowboy Hat Quilt Clips for Western Room Decor Themes

Monday, January 28, 2013

Howdy, pardner! {sorry, couldn't resist!}

This set of 4 cowboy hat quilt clips were handpainted for a very special handmade quilt. Here are the colors, clockwise from the top:

1. burnt umber hat with a light blue band accented with a grass green squiggle
2. bright yellow hat with a light green band accented with burnt umber x stitches
3. toffee (tan) hat with a red and white gingham band
4. grass green hat with a white band accented with tiny burnt umber dots

Each style can be customized with the colors of your choice, or you can even order them unfinished so you may paint them however you wish. Rope in your order today at {just had to do it!}

Star Quilt Clips

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Did you know that my star quilt clips can be painted in any color?

I can also paint them in contrasting colors or even add stitches or distress them to better coordinate with your child's bedding set.

A happy mom sent me this photo of my stars with her son's all-star quilt. These are a lipstick red and match perfectly with the bedding, bringing out the red accents for his room.

Stars coordinate with many different bedding themes, including celestial, sports, transportation, teddy bear, and more.

I handpaint each one to your specification, but I am also happy to send you a set unfinished so that you can paint it yourself.

Visit my website at to order a set for yourself today!

White and Bright Yellow

Distressed Lipstick Red

White - the most popular

Country Twill and Cream

Jungle Jill Quilt Clips

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The jungle and safari animal theme is one of the most popular themes for nurseries, and there are many different style twists to the theme. Jungle Jill by Carter's is a feminine twist, incorporating popular shades of pink as well as some girly flowers in the precious animals.

For this set, I had the monkey, elephant, and zebra all laser cut. The elephant started with a soft apple green body and a basil green ear. I then carefully handpainted the white flowers, dotting the centers with bubblegum pink.

The zebra is a white with fun bubblegum pink stripes and fuschia accents. And lastly is the monkey in iron oxide brown with a country twill face. I finished her details with a cream and country twill striped belly, bubblegum pink on her ears and feet, and a bubblegum and fushia flower.

Would you like your own set? These adorable jungle animals are on my website individually so you can create the set that best suites your tastes! Here they are:
Note that the Jungle Jill animals can also be used for wall letters, a growth chart, curtain holdbacks, a hair barrette holder, a name sign, and more. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact me today!

Vintage Inspired Airplane Quilt Clips

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Transportation themes are popular for boys, right behind jungle and sports themes. And these vintage inspired airplanes are a beautiful touch to a nursery.

These airplanes fly straight up when hung, as if they are lifting the quilt up, up, and away!

For the red airplane, I started with my newest shade, tomato red. I love the richness of it. I then handpainted the propeller, window, and stripes in white.

The blue airplane is a deep navy blue. The wings are chambray blue, a pale blue with a gray base. I then cut out a star to trace onto the wings and painted those white. (I think next time I will have some stars laser cut to be layered onto the wings.) The propeller is a nice dark yellow, and the window is white.

Would you like your own set of vintage inspired airplanes? I would be happy to create a set for you as quilt clips, wall hangings, curtain holdbacks, wall letters, a growth chart, name sign...nearly anything.

Contact me today for your inspired children's room decor today!

Hristos Voskrese!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Jacob, Tyann, Joey, Mike, and Noah
Our annual Easter family photo. Looks like sitting on the couch is becoming our usual pose.

This is our living room, with my husband's grandmother's artwork in the background. Nina came to the United States from Russia when she was 8 years old. The family tale includes that her family came from a line of royalty...maybe she was a Russian princess?

Nina was wonderfully and artistically talented. Her art was to create rugs. Yes, rugs. She would purchase burlap the size of the rug she wanted to make, whether a small picture size or a large area rug.

Then, she would take wool fabric, many times picking up wool clothing from garage sales, stripping it to small pieces. Nina dyed the wool to the colors she wanted and set to hooking the wool, creating the rug artwork.

Click the picture to see the details.
Nina's pieces were her own masterpieces. Sometimes she even created pieces mimicking a famous painting. My husband's favorite piece of hers was her rendition of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Unfortunately, that piece was lost after Nina passed away.

We had the piece hanging in our living room professionally framed and cleaned so that we can enjoy it. The scene is of an idyllic countryside, including a horse and buggy, a small village, and birds flying over the mountains. Nina's attention to detail is amazing.

In memory of Nina, Hristos Voskrese (Christ has risen!). He has risen indeed!